An Otter’s Tale

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my meandering down the river and frolicking in the magnificent dam at BrambleBerry Country Lodge. Nothing has changed much. It’s still as scenic and beautiful as it ever was but I can tell you that after a few years swimming in the deep waters, the rainbow and brown trout have really grown.

I told you about Ted, the one giant I’ve encountered while paddling along minding my own business, but I have to tell you that he seems to have acquired a few mates, just as big. These guys are monsters, but also smart, and I think they’ve learned a thing or two about crafty flies and clever fly fishermen. Of course the kids who have been coming here for years all seem to grow by the minute and I see them now all paddling canoes and chugging along on their little electric fishing boat, swimming in the dam, or just having fun on the banks.

The pine and gum trees have been turned into pulp and furniture, but the farm hasn’t lost its romantic feel, as all the trees around the dam have remained, and new trees are shooting everywhere. The BrambleBerry is still choice of the Midlands, with few to compare, sleeping 16 in the Lodge and another 8 in the Estate Home, which has recently been open for rental.

Parents seem to have taken to the tranquillity, convenience and close proximity to the local private schools, especially those from up country and the coast. Oh, you will often see me these days, swimming with my own family, lying on our backs and chomping away at crabs. Yes, we see you too, staring at us, but not to worry, we love the attention, being a bit of a celebrity, if you know what I mean.

The popularity of the farm means that bookings are made way in advance, with most visitors re-confirming events a year ahead. So check out the calendar, mark the long-weekends and holidays, and click on Book Now to make your bookings.

I will be there, keeping an eye out for you.

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